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Fairy Dust Spell Caster:

About Hamako:

Don't be fooled by my youth! I am a talented Medium, and an expert in Fairy Dust Spell Casting and Animal Magic of all kinds.

I am a Fairy Queen and in japan my country of origin. Though Fairies are said only to have existed only in legend witch is somewhat true, I am apart of the of the descent who uses what they called fairy dust spell, this type of magic were forced into hiding for when threatened and defeated by the Sons of Mil. These Fairies were forced to keep their identity a secret for a Millennium, where most assimilated to the ethos of Man.

I am not like the kind of fairy you see on TV, fairies is what they called me and my family in japan because of the kind of magic that me and my family had used.

As one of the few of my kind remaining, I have decided to share and spread Fairy Dust Spell Casting this powerful Magic with those in need. This is a very positive sort of Magic, which can really give you a positive boost to allow yourself to make the needed transformations in your life.

I am also a Master Telepathic, and a leading authority on Animal Magic. I am relentless, have very unique skills, and is more than happy to assist you in supplementing your Spell Casting with a different kind of pizzazz.

What is fairy dust spells? fairy dust spells is made up of potions and herbs that I put together myself to help with my spells.

Please Note:

This listing is only for Hamako to cast a fairy dust spell for you, and this listing is for a single fairy dust spell casting will take over 24 months to see full results. If you would like to buy her double fairy dust spell casting then just pay for this listing twice will take over 20 months to see full results, and if you would like to buy Hamako most powerful triple fairy dust spell casting then just pay for this listing 3 times will take over 16 months for you to see full results.

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