Custom Spells: We will cast very powerful custom spells and our custom spells can help you in all areas of your life. If you would like to have custom spells cast but are a afraid that the spell will backfire or that the spell will come back on you threefold. Don't be afraid to ask our witches coven to cast a custom spell for you because we only use white magic spells and nothing will happen to you or anyone else by using white magic spells only with black magic spells. We will however cast black magic spells but only by request. Now if you buy a black magic spell you will also have to buy a protection spell so the spell wont come back on you. Sometimes what we want doesn't fit neatly into a section or category. Sometimes what we need is unique, or special. Sometimes our dreams and goals are not common, or average. Sometimes, we need something that has been custom made for us. Sometimes we need a custom spell. This spell is very different from the other spells that we offer because our custom spells is custom made to help you in all areas of your life. Although level 1 custom spell is strong enough to work just takes a little longer to show results, you can purchase level 3 custom spell and we will send three times more energy witch of course that means will be more powerful and you will see results a lot faster. In most cases lives are so complicated a powerful, but general spell may not work and it must be specified to a persons specific and complicated issues. Circumstances must be taken into account and targeted by the spell. You see, there has been times where a man wants to be loved by a girl, and that part is easy, but what if this girl is in another state or country? In this case we can cast a spell so powerful, that within 4 months she was offered a promotion which came with an opportunity of transfer her job to where this man lives at. You can buy our level 1, level 2, or level 3 custom spell for even more powerful results. All custom spells comes in 3 different Levels. Custom Spell Level 1: Used for light to mild cases will take over 24 months to see results. Custom Spell Level 2: For average to difficult cases will take over 20 months to see results and Custom Spell Level 3: For extremely severe cases will take over 16 months to see results. Now if you want to see results even more faster then just pay for our coven magic custom spells and by paying for our coven magic custom spells all of our witches that is in our coven will be casting your custom spell. With our coven magic custom spells, level 1 will see results after 12 months, level 2 will see results after 8 months, and level 3 will see results after 4 months.
Custom Spells: Hi Name is Diana. I am a High Priestess I am well known and I am respected by my witches coven my experience in Witchcraft Magic and fixing Potions is why I am the High Priestess of our witches coven. Following my Third Degree Initiation a few years ago, I envisioned a Witches Coven whose members would possess various occult specialties. my vision was realized in the creation of this witches coven website. The establishment of our witches coven website has been a blessing to many individuals in need and has allowed me the ability to reach more people than I could have done alone. Each member of Our Witches Coven was personally recruited by me and acts in accordance with my high standard.
Level 1 Spell Only $30.00
Level 2 Spell $60.00
Level 3 Spell Only $90.00
Custom Spells: Hello my name is Jessica I learned about my gifts at casting custom spells one night white I was dreaming I kept having the same dreams of witchcraft and magic. So I told my mother about me having the same dreams where I was casting spells that is when my mother said to me, "I was afraid this day would come" and let me know the truth about my family history of casting custom spells and let me know that my mother use to be in a witches coven casting custom spells. I was only 16 at the time of my dreams, however after a couple of years with my mothers help I learned how to cast many different types of spells can even cast custom spells.
Level 1 Spell Only $20.00
Level 2 Spell Only $40.00
Level 3 Spell Only $60.00
Custom Spells: I was raised not to believe in magic and spell casting in a small Canadian town. In my teenage years, I discovered that I had a natural gift for divination. As one might expect, I faced the difficult task of reconciling my skills with my patents having their own beliefs. The result was that I developed a keen appreciation of the mystical elements of my magic and came to realize that the universe held far deeper mysteries to explore. An expert Tarot reader I am often called upon to offer insight into important Coven decisions. I also contributes my abilities as a medium to our witches coven.
Level 1 Spell Only $25.00
Level 2 Spell Only $50.00
Level 3 Spell Only $75.00

Hello I am the High Priest of our Witches Coven my name is Walter. I am very well gifted in may areas when it comes to casting spells like for example love spells, money spells, health spells, and curse removal spells just to name a few, I can even cast custom spells. High Priestess Diana told me about her witches coven and ask me to join her coven and she said where I am very powerful she will make me the High Priest of her witches coven, she also told me we will run her coven together. Casting Spells isn't something that you can mater in just a few years, it takes time and work that most people don't even want to try to learn the art of and others just can't.

Level 1 Spell Only $30.00
Level 2 Spell Only $60.00
Level 3 Spell Only $90.00
Coven  Custom Spells: Many people at one point or another have thought about wanting a spell cast to make their dreams come true. Most of the time our clients want us to cast either a love spell or money spell. Our coven is consist of 20 witches have been together casting spells for many years. It is in our nature to reach out and help those in distress. It doesn’t really matter what the history of your problem is. Our main mission is to make your life right again – whether it involves a matter of the heart or something related to love, money, or bad luck,  Our Coven will work to restore order in your life. If you would like an even more faster results then buy our level 3 coven cast, and by paying for our level 3 coven cast all of our witches that is in our coven will be casting your spell. Important Notice: Even with our level 3 coven cast will take over 4 months for you to see results, and if you are not willing to wait that long please don't buy any spells from us.
Level 1 Coven Spell $65.00
Level 2 Coven Spell $130.00
Level 3 Coven Spell $195.00