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For thousands of years, Witches have walked the earth. They weren’t always call Witches, but they were there with or without labels. These individuals were people who lived among their tribes and later within villages. And they were the healers and wise women and men. WITCHES HAVE SUFFERED from centuries of bad press. The very mention of witchcraft calls up images of sinister warty crones. Cauldrons full of dogs’ tongues and newts’ eyes; broomsticks streaking across the night sky. Influenced by half-remembered folk memories, lurid tabloid stories. The about satanism and even the Harry Potter books and films. The public perception of witches remains caught somewhere between fantasy, mockery and deep suspicion.
Wicca is the most common form of witchcraft all over the world. It draws on ancient sources. In training to become a Wicca witch,  We attend Witches Coven meetings at least once a week to learn about making incense and to become familiar with the essence of witchcraft. A nature religion that respects both the female and the male.
The number of persons involved may vary. Although some consider thirteen to be ideal (probably in deference to Murray Williams theories). Any group of at least three can be a Witches Coven. A group of two is usually call a “working couple” (regardless of the sexes). We love our mystical life. And we consider it an immeasurable gift of the fates. A gift at casting spells we have been both blessed and privileged within. Also we enjoy being with kindred spirits; honest, truthful and like people that has a very good heart. Be thy Wicca, Witch, Pagan or Other. We love our mystical family, the arts and travels.